STATS 607A: Programming and Numerical Methods in


Fall 2014

Class Information

Instructor Information

Name: Ambuj Tewari

Office: 454 West Hall

Office Hours: By appointment


GSI Information

Name: Kam Chung Wong

Office Hours and Location: Mondays 6 -- 7:30 pm, Fridays 5:30 -- 6:00 pm in SLC (1720 Chemistry)



The final grade in the course will be determined by your best 2 scores (on a scale of 0 through 100) out of 3 assignments weighted equally.

Python Notebooks

Thanks to a pointer from Prof. Kerby Shedden, I will be using Python notebooks instead of using slides (credit to him if it works, blame on me if it doesn’t!). Notebooks allow me to mix text and code to illustrate various programming tools and techniques. The notebooks are in a github repository:

The notebooks themselves are just static documents (in JSON format) but clicking on the links will show you properly rendered notebooks thanks to the awesome rendering service at


Week 0 (Sep 3)

Week 1 (Sep 8, 10)

Week 2 (Sep 15, 17)

Week 3 (Sep 22, 24):

Week 4 (Sep 29, Oct 1):

Week 5 (Oct 6): [No class on Oct 8, work on HW 2]

Week 6 (Oct 15): [Oct 13 is during Fall Study Break]

Week 7 (Oct 20, 22): Map-Reduce and Hadoop